5 Unique Wedding Gifts They’ll Always Remember

Do you hear wedding bells ringing around the corner? Be it a friend or a family member, we always worry about choosing a gift to remember, one that would express our happiness just right. But why spend hours looking around when you can pick a unique gift that the couple will always remember? 

Here is a list of five such unique and caring gifts for friends and family that you can invest in rights away:

  1. Customised crockery: We all have seen couples get a number of fancy dinner-sets as a wedding present. While it is an option, why not gift them crockery pieces designed for couples only. Let their mornings start with tea poured in the most exquisite China cups and a smile that remind them of you.

  1. Gift them an experience: From what to gift at engagement parties to what to gift at weddings, we all have spent hours browsing the internet. Let’s cut the chase and gift them an experience that they can enjoy. A weekend getaway or a spa during their honeymoon, so they can sit back, smile, and relax for a while.

  1. Gift them a pre-wedding shoot: The sweetest gift is all about creating a sweet memory, and what’s better than gifting them a pre-wedding shoot? These pictures will always remain on their walls and albums for just about forever.

  1. Get them a pet: This is a perfect idea if the couple enjoys having pets around. Initiate a casual conversation with them to know their preferences and get them a pet that would always bring a sweet smile to their face.

  1. Gift them a sparkling smile: As much as gifting a spa or fancy crockery is a great idea, they will only make them happy for a while. Instead, why not lock their happiness and their beautiful smile forever? Gifting a #ShaadiWaliSmile to the couple is the one gift that no one would have thought about.

All you need is a trusted partner to help you seal their smiles. And MyDentalPlan offers just that and more with their special wedding packages that cater to brides and grooms only. Add to it their largest dental network of 3500+ verified dentists and 1000+ audited clinics, you can rest assured of the quality and pricing. Go ahead and gift a smile to your loved ones!

Wedding is not as easy as it sounds, but a few thoughtful and caring gifts can remind a couple of the love they have for each other. And if you get the title of gifting the “best wedding gift ever”, even better!


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