The Ultimate Wedding Checklist You Cannot Ignore

Wedding bells are ringing and it’s time for you to show up to the party with all the sass! To make sure you do not miss out on the nitty-gritty, we have brought together a personalised wedding checklist DIY guide to make sure you shine and smile bright on your wedding day.


Your wedding day means a combination of salon and spa treatments and complete relaxation to make that skin glow. Booking an appointment for a salon must be on top of your wedding checklist, whether you are a bride or a groom.


Let establish this - weddings are not the right time to experiment with your hair. Ensure that you have tried on the wedding hairstyle at least three months before the big day to avoid hiccups.

Once that is in order, go for regular hair treatments so that your hair naturally shine throughout your wedding. 


No amount of skin and hair treatment can work its magic if the body isn’t feeling right. The solution - plan a diet that gives you all the nourishment and helps you feel healthy from within.

Fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts, the options to eat healthy without putting on an ounce of weight are endless.


What’s a wedding without showing off your grooves. While everyone else in your life is orchestrating their best moves for the dance party, you go a step ahead and add a light workout and stretching exercises to your dance schedule.

Work out any extra fat while toning your body - all when you are simply trying to impress the audience with your dancing skills!


Those wedding shoots and videos do not exist for trends alone. These memories are after all priceless. But are they truly priceless without a picture-perfect smile?

While every wedding checklist for a bride and a groom focuses on the skin and hair, you take your wedding preparations a notch higher and ensure not a quick-fix but to get a dental package that would take care of all your dental problems.

And with India’s largest dental network that encompasses over 3500+ verified dentists in 1000+ audited clinics across 150+ cities, companies like MyDentalPlan Healthcare are bringing specialised packages for you to ensure a sparkling smile right before your wedding.

A wedding isn’t just another event, but a day that you will cherish for life. Follow this wedding checklist guide and dazzle in your #ShaadiWaliSmile with MyDentalPlan Healthcare.


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